Off-the-Shelf or Do-it-Yourself?

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Keen makes it simple to enrich your product with customer-facing-metrics. But is it the best solution for your business?

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Understand the limitations of off-the-shelf analytics tools

Yes, an off-the-shelf tool could get you up and running fast. But, when it comes to flexibility and scalability, is it the best long-term solution?

Evaluate risks and costs associated with building your own data platform in-house

We compare all options so you can find the best solution for your business. 

Learn how to accelerate time to market while reducing delivery risks and Total Cost of Ownership with APIs

Determine if an API-driven, low overhead solution is right for you.  

Future-proof your data strategy with an expert checklist

Use our checklist to compare each solution. We'll help you dive into the short- and long-term questions you'll want to ask yourself when making a decision. 

“Our clients love seeing actionable insights as a native part of the user experience.”


Jeff Chen
Co-founder and Director of Engineering, Pixlee

As a technology leader, you understand the challenges associated with querying large stores of data. This whitepaper will help you determine the best course of action for your business and gain a better understanding of how Keen's data APIs can help you accelerate deployment of real-time, intelligent data applications. .

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